Make a Homey Pigeon costume

Want to dress up as the COO-est homing pigeon around?

Here are some easy instructions to help you dress-up like Homey from the Real Pigeons squad.

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What you’ll need

  1. A large, rectangular cardboard box
  2. Tape
  3. Scissors that can cut through cardboard (work with an adult for this, kids!)
  4. A marker
  5. Paint (blue, white, black, pink)
  6. Something to mix paints together on (a palette or even just a piece of cardboard)
  7. Paintbrushes
  8. Glue



1. Find a large, rectangular cardboard box big enough to go comfortably over a kid’s head and torso. Tape it together, then cut off the very bottom. Cut a viewing hole at the front and two arm-holes on each side.

2. Use a marker to draw a line of feathers horizontally, near the bottom of the box.

3. Time to paint. Mix together blue, black and white paint to create a rich, blue colour for the top section – and a grey/light blue colour for the very bottom of the box.

4. Draw Homey’s eyes and beak – or print out this pre-drawn Homey face (PDF 1.8MB). Colour or paint his beak grey and his tongue pink – then cut it all out.

5. When the box is dry, glue Homey’s eyes and beak onto the front.

6. You’re ready to fight crime … or just chill out and eat some breadcrumbs!

Big thanks to Tom for modelling the costume. Cardboard Homey costumes are SUPER COO!

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