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Frillback Pigeon and Rock Pigeon
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Welcome to the official website of bestselling Real Pigeons series from author Andrew McDonald and illustrator Ben Wood.

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A brand new program of weekly videos and activities from the creators of the Real Pigeons series – author Andrew McDonald and illustrator Ben Wood.

Each week The Super Coo Club features:

  • Videos with Andrew and Ben
  • Live drawing and storytelling
  • Drawing and writing activities
  • Competitions
  • Behind-the-scenes looks at the making of Real Pigeons



Episode 1: Crime-fighting pigeons

Andrew and Ben talk about how Real Pigeons began, Ben shows us how to draw Rock Pigeon and we challenge YOU to draw your own super pigeon!

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Episode 2: It’s a funny story

Join Andrew and Ben as they play a very SILLY game, show how to draw Tumbler Pigeon and challenge kids to write their own funny story.

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Episode 3: Hungry?

Andrew and Ben make some BREADY meals, talk about why HUNGER is so important for characters and draw a DISGUSTING three-course meal!

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Episode 4: Mysteries and secrets

Andrew and Ben play a SECRET STORYTELLING game and share some tips and tricks for writing MYSTERY stories!

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Episode 5: Team pigeons!

Andrew and Ben talk about TEAMWORK, play a Real Pigeons QUIZ and show you how to draw your own SQUAD!

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About the creators

Andrew McDonald is the author of the Real Pigeons series. He loves writing stories that make kids laugh, gasp, think and wonder. He lives in Melbourne, Australia and enjoys baking his own bread, which he eats down to the last breadcrumb (sorry pigeons).

Ben Wood is the illustrator of the Real Pigeons series and has always been drawn to books with humour and heart. He loves drawing, eating food and drawing eating food.


Real Pigeons #1


Did you know your city is protected by a secret squad of crime-fighting pigeons? It’s true! With master of disguise Rock Pigeon, bendy Tumbler, strong Frillback and super-finder Homey, the REAL PIGEONS will solve any mystery and fight any bad guy to keep the city safe!

Out now in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Germany, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

“Perfectly absurd” – Booklist

“A goofball farce…young readers will make quick work of them all” – Kirkus Review

“Perfect for emerging readers who want action, hilarious hijinks, and crime-fighting mysteries” – School Library Journal

Real Pigeons #2


What do Real Pigeons do? They EAT DANGER, of course! This squad of crime-fighting feathered friends is nonstop action and nonstop laughs. Watch them as they infiltrate a secret warehouse full of bottled birds and take down a truly criminal ostrich. The DANGER is REAL. And so are the REAL PIGEONS.

The second book in the Real Pigeons series is a hilariously silly and highly visual introduction to the joys of reading and crime-fighting for readers 6+.

Australia and New Zealand – out now

USA and Canada – out May 5th 2020.

Real Pigeons #3


What do REAL PIGEONS do? They nest, of course! And when they nest, they nest HARD.

Protecting their city from crime is tiring work after all! But the squad can’t rest yet, not with a bone-crunching vulure on the loose, a wild child running amok, and a long-lost family to find!

Will the REAL PIGEONS ever find the perfect nest to take the perfect nap?

Australia and New Zealand – out now

USA and Canada – out September 1st 2020

Real Pigeons #4


The world’s greatest crime-fighting pigeons are making a BIG SPLASH as they try to solve the most puzzling mysteries yet.

In the new book of this hilarious best-selling series, the brave birds known as the REAL PIGEONS track down a DEMON who is draining every bath in the city, a PRANKSTER causing trouble in the beach town of CHIPOPOLIS and a shadowy bad guy who wants to make the world go DOTTY … and end the Real Pigeons at the same time!

Australia and New Zealand – out now

Real Pigeons #5


More pigeons are fighting crime than ever before. But the REAL PIGEONS still have lots of mysteries to untangle!

Who stole a rare jewel from the world’s FURRIEST museum? Will a hungry weasel track down a hidden ENDANGERED BIRD before the REAL PIGEONS can? And how did an ancient tree VANISH overnight?

No-one can protect a city like Rock, Frillback, Tumbler, Homey and Grandpouter. But it’s not easy – especially when they have a traitor in their own nest!

Australia and New Zealand – out May 1st 2020