An illustration by Ben Wood of the four main Real Pigeons doing poses. Frillback is punching the air, Tumbler is twirling around, Rock is dressed up like a cactus and Homey is eating bread.
Why do pigeons always act so weird? Because they’re out there chasing the bad guys and saving your butts!


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A celebration of the bestselling books by Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood


2023 tour

Join us in Melbourne, Kyneton, Wodonga, Brisbane and Sydney for a special Real Pigeons experience.

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“Perfectly absurd” – Booklist

“A goofball farce…young readers will make quick work of them all” – Kirkus Review

“Perfect for emerging readers who want action, hilarious hijinks, and crime-fighting mysteries” – School Library Journal

The Real Pigeons are flying to Nickelodeon

Have you heard the news? Nickelodeon and James Corden are developing Real Pigeons into a movie and TV series.

About the creators

Andrew McDonald is the author of the Real Pigeons series. He loves writing stories that make kids laugh, gasp, think and wonder. He lives in Melbourne, Australia and enjoys baking his own bread, which he eats down to the last breadcrumb (sorry pigeons).

Ben Wood is the illustrator of the Real Pigeons series and has always been drawn to books with humour and heart. He loves drawing, eating food and drawing eating food.

The Super Coo Club

Join Andrew and Ben in The Super Coo Club for a series of videos celebrating writing, drawing and pigeons! Watch as they share writing and drawing tips – and talk about how they created Real Pigeons! Plus there are creative challenges for kids and activity sheets to download. Super coo!

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Rock Pigeon

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