Real Pigeons Flex Feathers

Book 7

Written by Andrew McDonald
Illustrated by Ben Wood

The Real Pigeons use PIGEON POWERS to fight crime, solve mysteries and help creatures in the city.

But when city concrete starts mysteriously MELTING, a FEATHER-SNATCHER goes on a plucking-spree and a villainous HAT causes a GIANT problem, our feathered heroes are going to need more than just PIGEON POWERS to save the day!

Out now in Australia and New Zealand ­č玭čç║
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Rock Pigeon

Meet the creators

Andrew McDonald is the author of the Real Pigeons series. He loves writing stories that make kids laugh, wonder and leap out of their seats with surprise.

Ben Wood is the illustrator of the Real Pigeons series and has always been drawn to books with humour and heart.

More about Andrew and Ben

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