The Super Coo Club – Episode 4: Mysteries and secrets

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Episode 4: Mysteries and secrets

With your hosts Andrew McDonald, Ben Wood and…a bunch of pigeons.

Don’t miss the drawing and activity sheets for episode 4

In episode 4

  • Andrew and Ben play a secret STORYTELLING GAME
  • We look at how SECRETS power Real Pigeons stories
  • Ben shows us how to draw Frillback Pigeon
  • The boys answer a question from a Real Pigeons fan
  • Andrew challenges everyone to write their own MYSTERY STORY!

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Homey Pigeon


Write a mystery story!

Real Pigeons Challenge hashtag

Mystery stories create tension – you HAVE to read until the end because you NEED to find out WHODUNNIT! Here are some tips for creating a mysterious mystery.

1. What’s the mystery?

Is something missing? Has something been stolen? Has something weird happened?

2. What’s the solution?

Who is the culprit? How has the mystery being solved? What happened to cause the mystery in the first place?

3. What are the clues?

Reveal some clues between the start and the solution. How will your clues lead to the mystery being solved? Put in a clue that leads nowhere to trick the reader – this kind of clue is called a red herring

Finally – think about who the main character investigating your mystery should be? Why is this mystery important to them?

More Activities

Draw Frillback Pigeon

Frillback Pigeon is beautiful and strong – a perfect subject for a pigeon portrait.

Good luck drawing her!

Frillback Pigeon illustration by Ben Wood

Download the ‘How to draw Frillback Pigeon’ activity sheet (PDF, 1.8MB)

Thanks everyone!

We hope you enjoyed this episode of The Super Coo Club!

Don’t miss episode five next week as we celebrate TEAM WORK!  The episode is out on Wednesday 10th June, although subscribers get the link to the video earlier – subscribe to The Super Coo Club now if you haven’t already.

Until next week – high feather five!

– Andrew and Ben

Ben Wood and Andrew McDonald with the Real Pigeons

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