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Get ready to flex your feathers because it’s time for another episode of The Super Coo Club! Andrew and Ben have made some videos to celebrate the newest Real Pigeons book and share some story starters and drawing tips.

1. Introducing the new book

Andrew and Ben talk about book number 7 in the series – Real Pigeons Flex Feathers.

2. Use a feather to start a story

Starting stories can be hard. But you can use simple, everyday objects to help get started. For example – a feather.

3. How to draw Squab Pigeon

Ben show us how to draw the latest bird in the pigeonverse.

Activity sheet

Learn how to draw the littlest pigeon – Squab!

Download the ‘How to draw Squab Pigeon’ activity sheet (PDF, 1.0MB)


Thank coo!

Thanks for joining us in The Super Coo Club!

Don’t forget you can go back and watch all the Super Coo Club episodes and download lots of Real Pigeons activity sheets too.

Until next time – stay COO everybody!

– Andrew and Ben


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