The Super Coo Club – Episode 2: It’s a funny story

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Episode 2: It’s a funny story!

With your hosts Andrew McDonald, Ben Wood and…a bunch of pigeons.

Don’t miss the drawing and activity sheets for episode 2

Episode 2

  • We look at the funniest Real Pigeons moments
  • Andrew and Ben play a SILLY STORYTELLING game
  • Ben shows us how to draw Tumbler Pigeon
  • A video question from a fan
  • Andrew gives everyone a special writing challenge

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Homey Pigeon with love hearts floating around his head


Write a funny story

Real Pigeons Challenge hashtag

We challenge you to write a funny story – about what would happen if you woke up one day and you had turned into an elephant!

Don’t forget to make your story REALLY SILLY!

Rock Pigeon laughing


Draw Tumbler Pigeon

Tumbler Pigeon is SUPER BENDY and can twist her body into any shape!

Have fun drawing zig-zaggy Tumbler with Ben’s easy guide.

Good luck, Tumblerinos!

Tumbler Pigeon

Download the ‘How to draw Tumbler’ activity sheet (PDF, 1.6MB)

Ideas for silly stories

Choose one of these writing prompts and try writing a SILLY story!

  • Write a story about what would happen if every round object on Earth was suddenly a cabbage.
  • Write a story about two characters who are opposites. They could be opposite in size (one big, one small) or opposite in personality (one grumpy, one cheery) or opposite in what they want (one wants to sleep, one wants to dance). What happens when these characters meet? Do they become friends? Or enemies?

  • Write a story about an everyday object or animal (for example, a door, a carrot, a puppy, etc) that is secretly evil.

  • Write a story about a pigeon and a kid who swap bodies.

  • Write a story about an everyday activity you do all the time – for example, brushing your teeth, visiting the supermarket, riding your bike, etc. Then make the story weird by changing one small detail. For example, your toothbrush might be a banana. Or the supermarket might only sell gorillas. Or the tyres of your bike might actually be snakes.

Buy a Real Pigeons book

Real Pigeons books can be bought where all good books are sold.

While it’s a bit tricky to get to the shops at the moment, we recommend checking if your local bookshop is doing delivery, or look at any of the fabulous Australian retailers who sell books online. This week we’ve partnered with Booktopia!
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Real Pigeons Fight Crime book cover
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Real Pigeons Peck Punches book cover

Thanks everyone!

We hope you enjoyed this episode of The Super Coo Club!

Don’t miss episode three next week when we look at some very important Real Pigeons issues – HUNGER and FOOD!  The episode will be live at 12pm (AEST) on Wednesday 20th May.

Oh and if you want to send us a video question of your own – visit the Super Coo Club webpage for all the details.

Until then – high feather five!

– Andrew and Ben

Ben Wood and Andrew McDonald with the Real Pigeons

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