Real Pigeons Fight Crime – Book 1 (3D Coo-llector’s Edition)

Written by Andrew McDonald
Illustrated by Ben Wood

The 3D Coo-llector’s Edition comes with an amazing HOLOGRAPHIC cover and stacks of Real Pigeons activity pages inside!

Did you know your city is protected by a secret squad of crime-fighting pigeons? It’s true!

With master of disguise Rock Pigeon, bendy Tumbler, strong Frillback and super-finder Homey, the REAL PIGEONS will solve any mystery and fight any bad guy to keep the city safe!

In Real Pigeons Fight Crime, Rock and his mystery-solving friends will tackle their first caseload: Why have all the breadcrumbs disappeared? Who on earth is kidnapping bats? And can the pigeons avert a dinner disaster?

Every Real Pigeons book contains THREE hilarious, silly and engrossing mysteries!

Out May 3rd 2023 in Australia and New Zealand.

“Perfectly absurd” – Booklist
“A goofball farce…young readers will make quick work of them all” – Kirkus Review
“Perfect for emerging readers who want action, hilarious hijinks, and crime-fighting mysteries” – School Library Journal

An animated GIF that shows the cover of the book – Real Pigeons Fight Crime (3D Coo-llector's Edition). The animation moves between two illustrations – the pigeons posting normally and the pigeons posing with their powers on show

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Meet the creators

Andrew McDonald is the author of the Real Pigeons series. He loves writing stories that make kids laugh, wonder and leap out of their seats with surprise.

Ben Wood is the illustrator of the Real Pigeons series and has always been drawn to books with humour and heart.

More about Andrew and Ben

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