Ever wonder why pigeons always act so weird?

It’s because they’re out there chasing the bad guys and saving your butts!

Real Pigeons #1


Did you know your city is protected by a secret squad of crime-fighting pigeons? It’s true! With master of disguise Rock Pigeon, bendy Tumbler, strong Frillback and super-finder Homey, the REAL PIGEONS will solve any mystery and fight any bad guy to keep the city safe!

Real Pigeons #2


The REAL PIGEONS aren’t just an awesome squad of crime fighters who protect the city. They’re also REAL FRIENDS. But with a deranged ostrich on the loose, a secret warehouse full of bottled birds and power-hungry ibis to deal with, can their friendship survive?

Real Pigeons Nest Hard by Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood

Real Pigeons #3


The REAL PIGEONS are an awesome squad of crime-fighters who protect their city from all sorts of trouble. But with a bone-crunching vulture on the loose, a beastly child running amok and a long-lost family to find, how will they ever find the perfect nest?

Real Pigeons Splash Back

Real Pigeons #4


Out 19 August 2019


The REAL PIGEONS are a squad of crime-fighters who are protecting the city and making a big SPLASH! But when a water-stealing demon dries up the city, a prankster takes over the beach and mysterious spots start spreading around town, how will the pigeons keep their beaks above water?

Andrew McDonald is the author of the hilarious children’s series, Real Pigeons. He has also written two middle-grade novels: The Greatest Blogger in the World, which tells the story of Charlie Ridge, a young blogger navigating family, friends and the internet; and Son of Death, a black comedy about a family of modern grim reapers that was named a ‘best book of 2015’ by The Age. 

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Ben Wood is a children’s illustrator. Best known for bringing famed Squishy Taylor to life, Ben creates engaging illustrations that resonate with readers young and old. Ben has really let loose in Andrew McDonald’s REAL PIGEONS series, and has woven illustrations throughout the story in a really fun way.

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